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Stories of transformational change


Birth Registration • Guatemala • 2024

“Now I go to school every morning with my two brothers.”

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Livelihoods • Bolivia • 2024

“I’m proud of myself because I feel that I have improved – it’s as if I've evolved.”

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Livelihoods • Kenya • 2024

“I feel empowered economically and with a lot of financial freedom, my self-esteem and my confidence have gone up.”

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Education • Nepal • 2024

“My favourite thing about coming to the Mobile School is learning and playing with the different panels with my friends.”

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Birth Registration • Nepal • 2024

“Birth registration is necessary for us - we must make it so that we can study and make our future!”

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Street Outreach • Nepal • 2024

“I felt so alone - I had no one to share my problems with”

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Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2024

“It was difficult for many years without my identity documents. I didn't understand why I didn't have my birth certificate.”

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Vocational Training • Kenya • 2023

“You can change your life despite your circumstances. You just need to have a purpose and be committed to it.”

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Valerie and Eidi

Birth Registration • Kenya • 2023

“I want to be a police officer when I grow up”

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Birth Registration • Nepal • 2023

“If I were the President, I would like to give birth registration to all street children and give them free education.”

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Education • Nepal • 2023

“I want to become a good teacher.”

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Street Outreach • Kenya • 2023

“Before the project I didn’t know there was a problem with me. I had stayed for so long on the streets - that was the only life I knew. I believed that was my fate, I guess.”

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Street Outreach • Kenya • 2023

“I am 13 and live on the streets of Nairobi. I came onto the streets in 2015 when my parents’ fighting became too much.”

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Vocational Training • Kenya • 2023

“I don’t go to school – I’ve never been to school. I want to go for some vocational skills training and take a course in motor vehicle mechanics because I love it!”

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Education • El Salvador • 2023

“I’m lucky – I’ve been coming to the project for so long that I don’t remember how different life was before.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2023

“Street children are not treated with dignity or respect.”

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Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2023

“In my community, there are lots of thieves around and they get angry and hurt you when you don’t have anything of value to give them.”

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Education • Nepal • 2023

“Period education is something we really need to discuss with every girl, to break the silence.”

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Vocational Training • Kenya • 2023

“I like planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s amazing how something so small can turn into a big plant.”

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Education • El Salvador • 2023

“With my parents working and out a lot, when I’m at the house, I’m alone most of the time. I cook my own food, like rice, eggs and sausages.”

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Emergency Response • Guatemala • 2023

“I know there will be a lot of challenges, but I’m going to support my child with everything I have.”

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Street Outreach • Nepal • 2023

“We build fires with the textbooks that other people use to study, to keep warm.”

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Education • El Salvador • 2023

“I go to school and I love it because I can learn more things that I already know.”

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Education • India • 2023

“I started ragpicking when my dad became too ill to work.”

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Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2023

“Life was different before - I used to spend my days working with my older brothers.”

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Birth Registration • Kenya • 2023

“I go around with my mother all day. At the savings group, I love playing with toys and drawing.”

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Education • India • 2023

“When we arrived from our village, we had nowhere to live so we had to live on the railway tracks.”

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Birth Registration • Guatemala • 2023

“I lost my ID card when I was getting on the bus, but I didn't think anything of it until I had my daughter.”

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Education • India • 2023

“For as long as I can remember, all my family have always all gone out to work, leaving me at home on my own. I used to get so lonely.”

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Street Outreach • Nepal • 2023

“To be successful we need education, and we need a birth certificate for identity.”

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Street Outreach • El Salvador • 2023

“Being a child in my community is good, although I did used to have more fun before. I had more friends but now many of them have left or have died.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2023

“I came to Delhi with my mother earlier this year. I make a living by helping my mother with the household work where she works as a cleaner.”

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Vocational Training • Kenya • 2023

“I faced difficulties in feeding my children, keeping them in school, paying our rent – at one point, we were all sleeping out on the streets.”

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Street Outreach • Kenya • 2023

“In my community, there are many different tribes who speak different languages. Most of the people there scavenge at the dumping site to earn a living.”

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Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2022

“After attending my classes and Puerta de Esperanza, I help my grandmother prepare the the parts she will sell in the afternoon.”

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Education • India • 2022

“I don’t have admission to school yet because of the unavailability of official documents and my Aadhar (ID) card.”

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The Choc Family

Birth Registration • Guatemala • 2022

“You’ve helped us, you’ve supported us, and even though we’re still going through the process, you don’t give up on the people who need help.”

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Amaan & Zeeshan

Birth Registration • India • 2022

“When we moved from Nepal to India, we didn’t think about not having the right documents. But when we got here, we couldn’t enrol in school.”

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Birth Registration • El Salvador • 2022

“My parents didn’t get my birth certificate for me when I was little – I think just because they didn’t want to.”

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Education • Nepal • 2022

“Once, my mother pushed me from the stairs of a public waterspout, and I was badly hurt. I know she was probably just drunk though.”

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Birth Registration • Nepal • 2022

“Not having my birth certificate made me feel like a refugee in my own country.”

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Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2022

“I lived in fear with my siblings… we were afraid that we would be separated from our mother.”

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Birth Registration • India • 2022

“School is very important because it will help me to excel in life.”

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Mark & Galaxy

Birth Registration • Kenya • 2022

“We were hopeless since life was difficult and we had no one to turn to for assistance. We felt nobody cared.”

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Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2022

“The cold of the streets was the worst thing – it makes you feel like all your insides are frozen.”

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Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2022

“The biggest challenge on the street is surviving day to day.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“Before I came to the project, I would sometimes have light snacks or remain hungry at times.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“My favourite food is chole puri, rajma and roti – I’d never had them before and I love the taste.”

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Birth Registration • El Salvador • 2022

“I didn’t have a birth certificate because my mum didn't pursue the case when I was little.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“Whenever I roam around with my friends, we often face eve teasing issues from strange men.”

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Street Outreach • El Salvador • 2022

“Studying is the most important thing for me at the moment.”

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Education • El Salvador • 2022

“The market is not a safe place for children most of the time - many violent incidents have happened over the years I’d been here.”

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Street Outreach • Bolivia • 2022

“One of my greatest achievements so far has been getting into football.”

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Education • Nepal • 2022

“I used to feel that my future would be in darkness.”

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Education • India • 2022

“I used to roam around the streets and trouble my mother a lot - I was unable to think or feel about anything.”

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Street Outreach • Bolivia • 2022

“The football field is my favourite place – it’s where I feel free.”

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The Ramirez Family

Street Outreach • El Salvador • 2022

“The streets are home now because this is where we live, it’s where I was pregnant with my children and where they spend their time now.”

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Street Outreach • El Salvador • 2022

“The most important thing is that children have space to learn and play. We should always have the chance to be creative and use our skills.”

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Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2022

“I was recruited by the gang in my neighbourhood – they used to threaten me with things if I didn’t obey.”

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Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2022

“When I didn’t go to school, I was bored and tired at home on my own.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“Due to the hot weather, many times food often goes rotten.”

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Johny & Marco

Street Outreach • Guatemala • 2022

“It’s scary how easy it would be for someone to hurt us when we go out in the street.”

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Street Outreach • Kenya • 2022

“To survive, I collect plastics and cartons around the estate and in the river – and on the weekends, I wash cars. It's hard work.”

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Birth Registration • Nepal • 2022

“I am a citizen of Nepal, entitled to receive services from the government for children.”

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Vocational Training • Nepal • 2022

“Coming from street life to the point where I can earn money myself is a big thing, isn't it?”

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Education • India • 2022

“Now I can learn and support my family.”

Read Kajal's story


Birth Registration • Guatemala • 2022

“I didn't have anywhere else to go but the street.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“I want to encourage both women and men to help raise awareness on the challenges we face around menstruation and provide the support wherever needed.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“I want to tell all the young girls that we should use sanitary pads to stay hygienic and have a carefree period.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2022

“I think a lot about going to school and feel sad because when I see the children of my age going, while I’m working day and night.”

Read Shaheen's story


Birth Registration • Nepal • 2022

“With street life, even if you want to do good, leave it behind or get a job, you can't find it quick enough which leads you back to the street.”

Read Dhonu's story

Eva & Lina

Birth Registration • El Salvador • 2022

“I used to feel scared that when I was older, the police would arrest me if I didn't have my birth certificate.”

Read Eva & Lina's story


Vocational Training • Kenya • 2022

“I was begging in the streets, and it was hard. I couldn’t see any future.”

Read Zera's story


Birth Registration • El Salvador • 2022

“Before I had my birth certificate, life was so difficult. I had some really tricky moments because I was always scared.”

Read Marta's story


Education • India • 2022

“Now that I’ve got the uniform, I feel happy.”

Read Tazim's story


Vocational Training • Kenya • 2022

“I used to feel very lonely because I had no one to share my challenges with. I wanted to do something better than selling drugs but I didn’t know where to start.”

Read Adamu's story


Vocational Training • Nepal • 2022

“I felt my life would end on the street.”

Read Anesh's story


Vocational Training • Guatemala • 2022

“When I lived on the streets, I experienced so many horrible things. Everyone ignored me and no one ever respected me as a person.”

Read Zanthia's story


Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2021

“With our identity document, I now go to school and my parents have stable jobs.”

Read Ines' story


Emergency Response • Bolivia • 2021

“Take good care of yourselves and don’t stop using your mask, always wash your hands and take care of your families.”

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Street Outreach • India • 2021

“Everyone needs to know that using dirty clothes during menstruation can lead to disease and that it is very important to take special care of cleanliness at such times.”

Read Aditi's story


Street Outreach • India • 2021

“Buying sanitary towels was so far from reality and a completely impossible thing to do. When I got my period, I was using old clothes instead.”

Read Savitri's story


Street Outreach • Bolivia • 2021

“I would like to start my studies and be able to go to school knowing that I never have to miss a class again”

Read Carlos' story


Education • Nepal • 2021

“If I could change one thing right now, it would be for coronavirus to go away, to have enough food and money, and to be able to continue my education so I can stand on my own.”

Read Chimini's story


Street Outreach • India • 2021

“Mohini has become a warrior of her community. She is praised, loved and appreciated by everyone for her bravery.”

Read Mohini's story


Education • Nepal • 2021

“My life has changed a lot since attending the project. I thought I would never be able to continue my education and that I would have to be on the street my entire life to earn a living.”

Read Tej's story


Education • India • 2021

“I pay a lot of attention to my studies and now speak with confidence to everyone. I love encouraging the rest of the children to study at the education club — I feel very happy when I help others and when I see children playing and studying instead of working.”

Read Amir's story


Education • Nepal • 2021

“I’m very happy, after joining the learning centre I understood the importance of study and I have started thinking about my future.”

Read Reena's story


Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2021

“With my ID I go to school, I have friends and I want to buy a house for my grandmother and my sisters.”

Read Blanca's story


Street Outreach • India • 2021

“Devi was a self-conscious and introverted child but her involvement in sports and various activities has transformed her personality, she has become an extrovert and shows us that she is fearless.”

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Emergency Response • India • 2021

“I don’t know if we will die of Covid-19, but if conditions keep getting worse, we will starve.”

Read Sahana's story


Emergency Response • Nepal • 2021

“Sejun was asked what made him happy, he responded; playing with his friends and said that he really misses them. He also said that he is desperate to go back to school and to the learning centre.”

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Emergency support during COVID

Emergency Response • Emergency support during COVID • 2021

“I'm alone with my baby so the support has helped me a lot.”

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Birth Registration • Bolivia • 2020

“I miss Kindergarten, playing with my friends”

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Tropical Storm Amanda

Emergency Response • El Salvador • 2020

“During the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, at the beginning of June 2020 El Salvador was hit by a devastating tropical storm.”

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Birth Registration • Nepal • 2019

“I am so happy my mother is back with me and that we can be together. I love school and want to be a teacher one day!”

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Education • Nepal • 2019

“I used to spend most of my time collecting metal coins and sniffing glue down by the river.”

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Vocational Training • Kenya • 2019

“Sometimes you just need someone to hold your hand and set you on the right path, and that changes everything.”

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Street Outreach • El Salvador • 2019

“Participating in dance classes helps me to relax, forget my problems and leave the pain behind for a little while”

Read Eddy's story


Education • India • 2019

“Education has completely changed Jhalak. Before she was very quiet and not confident with her reading and writing but now, she is one of the best students.”

Read Jhalak's story


Birth Registration • El Salvador • 2019

“Carlos is one of the estimated 670,000 children in El Salvador whose birth was not registered.”

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Delhi slums fire

Emergency Response • India • 2019

“A devastating fire that had destroyed hundreds of homes in one of the communities where we have been working for the last five years.”

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Street Outreach • Bolivia • 2019

“My children are the most important thing in my life – I don’t know how I would be if something happened to them.”

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