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Our work


Working with the aim to prevent children from ending up on the streets.

Example:Birth Registration

In areas of poverty few children are registered at birth. Often families turn to the streets for a source of income. As they cannot legally hold a job the cycle continues as a person who does not officially exist cannot officially have children.

We help break this cycle by taking children (and sometimes their parents) through the registration process and giving them an official identity.


Working to support children who are living on the streets.

Example:Child Rights Clubs

Regular abuse in the home or community means children believe this to be a normal and acceptable way of life. So they don't speak out and the cycle of abuse continues to drive children to the streets.

Our Child Rights Clubs help children gain the knowledge and skills to be empowered to speak out and report abuse.


Supporting children and families if and when children can return home or to move into residential care.

Example:Street Outreach

When the abuse and violence becomes too much children leave home. With nowhere to go they end up living on the streets.

Street outreach helps us start the difficult and lengthy process of gaining the trust of a street child and help them to find a new life away from streets.

Our impact


Last year 505 street children were enrolled in school and supported with their studies

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