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Helping over 17,000 children globally

Helping over 17,000 children globally - Changing the world for street children

Education &
training for over

Education and training for 3,050 - Transforming children’s futures

Registered over 3,500 children

Registered 2,456 birth certificates - Allowing invisible children to exist


Volcanic eruption in Guatemala

Many of you will have heard the news about the devastating volcanic eruption in Guatemala on Sunday 3rd June. We can report that to date there have been no reported fatalities from either our projects or of our partner staff. There is currently a thick layer of ash covering some of the communities where our partner works, so Toybox will continue to monitor and track the situation as it unfolds to identify any potential effects in these communities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the eruption and to our partners on the ground as they deal with physical and emotional stress of the situation.

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Child ambassador

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