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Street children

Living and working

For some children working on the streets can be their only means to earn an income. Many of these children will also live permanently on the streets.

Displaced and trafficked

Some street children have been chased from home by violence, natural disaster or the need to earn an income. Others have been sold or trafficked and have ended up on the streets.

Seeking solace

Children whose home life is full of abuse often take refuge on the streets to escape. However they are at risk of being enticed by gangs offering friendship or financial gain. Others find solace in drugs and alcohol.

Real lives

During a trip to Latin America, CEO of Toybox, Lynne Morris explains the difference between hearing the term ‘street children’ and seeing the reality for an individual child and the impact on their life. Every street child deserves the right to a childhood and a future and Lynne explains why we should all help.