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Emergency support during COVID

Emergency Response • Emergency support during COVID • 2021
“Before the pandemic I had a happier time in my life because I was not afraid to go out and could visit my family.”

Our partners are working alongside their governments to ensure street children are given the emergency support they need to survive – food, water and medical care - as well as advocating to stop them being criminalised for being homeless. They are also working tirelessly to find places for children in shelters or with extended families.

“…because now there is not much employment, in my case most of my family is not working, only one person in my family is working so the food voucher has helped us a lot” Renato
“I'm alone with my baby so the support has helped me a lot. It has helped me in emergencies, for example when my daughter got sick. The hygiene kit has helped us to keep both the house and ourselves clean. I really don't know how I would be without the help of CONACMI and my daughter too. I am calm because I know that I can survive and that anytime I have a big emergency CONACMI comes out and supports me... I am at this moment calm, which I think is a tranquility that I would not have achieved without all the help I have been given.” Jessenia
“Before the pandemic I had a happier time in my life because I was not afraid to go out and could visit my family. The truth is that the pandemic has affected me a lot, because I can no longer go out, if I go out is very little, I go out once a week, I only go but to do things like shopping. There is a fear that has been put in our heads. Thanks to God CONACMI are helping us virtually. I thank them a lot.” Renato

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