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About Toybox

Helping Street Children

Our core purpose today remains consistent with the reason Toybox was created over a quarter of a century ago - to help children marginalised and abused by those who should be protecting them. Toybox started working in Guatemala City in 1992, and we are still there today, working with children who have been plunged into the chaos of living or working on the streets. From working in one country with one partner we are now working in five countries with six partners.

Our Core Value is


  • To do the right thing
  • To speak the truth against injustice and
  • To be unafraid to try new ideas

Our motivation

We are committed to ending the global injustice of children living and working on the city streets. Toybox began when a couple were prompted by their Christian faith and decided to act. Today we continue to act motivated by that same Christian faith to see a world in which no child is forced to live or work on the streets.