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Toybox explains: What is regular giving?

Updates • Feb 2023

A regular donation is a recurring gift that you give to charity at the same time every month. You can choose how much you want to give, when you want to give, and a method that suits you (Direct Debit is the most popular choice).

Regular giving is a great way to ensure your donation goes to where it's most needed. It's easy and convenient and helps you budget and manage your charitable donations each month. It also helps you build a long-term strategy that allows you to plan for the future of your giving. Regular giving allows you to be mindful and intentional about where your donations go each month.

How you can make an impact

Regular giving is one of the best ways to support Toybox as it lets us plan our work more effectively and sustainably. It means we have a reliable income we can always count on which enables us to honour our commitments to the street children and families we seek to serve.

Toybox has two regular giving programmes which offer different connections to the children you support:

Toybox Lifeline

You can ensure street children can access their most basic rights at their most vulnerable moments by supporting Toybox Lifeline. With a monthly donation, you can bring hope to the streets every single day, whenever a child needs it.

With Lifeline, you can choose the amount you would like to give and you will receive just one annual update via email or post (whichever you prefer!) This helps keep our admin costs low and ensures more of your donation reaches children on the streets with the immediate care and support they need. You can find out more about Toybox Lifeline here.

Toybox Lifetime

If you’d prefer a more direct relationship with an individual child, take a look at Toybox Lifetime, our other monthly programme which helps give street children the knowledge and skills they need to last a lifetime.

For from £21 a month, you can support street children and their communities in a unique way. You will receive two updates from your Lifetime Ambassador each year, a video message, and can write to your Ambassasador and the other children in the project whenever you like. As a Toybox Lifetime supporter, your donations will enable more children to have a future full of hope and opportunity. You can find out more about Toybox Lifetime here.

Ways to give

Setting up a regular gift to Toybox couldn’t be simpler. The quickest and easiest way to do so is online here.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Jenny on 01908 360080 or at [email protected], ready with the account details for your donation as well the as the amount you would like to give each month. If you prefer, you can request a Direct Debit form from us which we will send out to you to fill in and return via email or post. Once your regular donation has been set up, you will receive confirmation of your Direct Debit instruction, for your records. Standing Orders need to be set up via your bank.

Unsure about whether Lifeline or Lifetime is right for you? Take our online quiz here.

To see the difference regular giving is helping to make to street children's lives around the world, read our Stories of Transformational Change.

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