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Equip street children around the world with knowledge and skills that will last them a lifetime.

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From £21 a month, you can support a street child and their community in a unique way.

As a twist on traditional sponsorship, Toybox runs a Child Ambassador programme. Working with street children is complex and the transitory nature of many children means that sometimes they don’t stay in the same place for extended periods of time. This makes traditional one-to-one sponsorship difficult.

By supporting a Toybox Lifetime Ambassador, you are linked with a Child Ambassador for two to three years. Throughout this time they will be the representative for all street children in their community and at their project and it is through their eyes that you will see how your donations are changing the world.

Your donations will work alongside the donations of other supporters to enable the Ambassadors and the other children around them to learn new skills and gain knowledge that will equip them for their futures and help them throughout their lifetime. Your donations will help Toybox to make sustainable change in communities where many children do not have opportunities.

After a couple of years, your Ambassador will graduate from the programme and a new Ambassador will take their place. You’ll still be linked with the same community where possible, but you’ll have the chance to get to know a new Ambassador and see life through their eyes.

Meet Vanessa

You could be linked with a child like Vanesa

Vanesa is 9 years old. She used to sell ice lollies on San Salvador’s violent streets and had never been to school.

Now she’s a Toybox Lifetime Ambassador, she attends school, receives support at her project and practises the leadership skills she has learned by leading sessions on Child Rights in her community.

As a Toybox Lifetime supporter, your donations will enable more children like Vanesa to have a future full of hope and opportunity.

Supporting Lifetime

Supporting **Lifetime**

One child

You will be linked with a Lifetime Ambassador, who will give you a window into street life through their eyes


Your support will benefit your Ambassador and Toybox’s wider work in their community


You can write to your Ambassador

Annual updates

You will receive two updates from your Lifetime Ambassador each year and Toybox’s magazines and appeals

If you're not quite ready to join yet and have a question or would like any further information we'd love to hear from you. Email [email protected] or call us on 01908 360 080.

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If you'd prefer to support a greater number of children with emergency help, take look at Toybox Lifeline, our other monthly programme that gives street children access to their most basic rights at their most vulnerable moments.

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