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Fundraising ideas for International Day for Street Children

Updates • Mar 2024

What is International Day for Street Children?

On 12th April, we recognise International Day for Street Children; a special day acknowledging the strength and resilience of millions of street children around the world. An important day not just in the Toybox calendar, but the opportunity for all of us to raise awareness of the challenges of those around the world who are living, working and depending on the streets for survival.

In collaboration with the Consortium for Street Children, this year the theme of this important day focuses on 'belonging'. Asking, what does belonging mean to children and young people in street situations themselves and how can duty bearers help them achieve and strengthen their sense of belonging within their communities.

How can I help on International Day for Street Children?

This International Day of Street Children if you would like to take part in a fundraising activity to help us reach even more street children, but you’re just not sure where to start, take a look here for inspiration:

Fundraising at home

  1. Using our handy how to guide here, start a Facebook fundraiser, asking your friends and family to give a little something to improve street children's lives. A gift of £5 could provide a child on the street with a hot drink and tasty meal.

  2. Take on a challenge! What have you always wanted to do but not made the time or found the courage to do? Now is the perfect time, whether it’s a fitness challenge, a half-marathon that you’ve always wanted to run, a hiking route you’ve always thought you’d like to see or something else you’ve always fancied pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to take on.

We have a sponsorship form available to download for whatever challenge you choose.

Fundraising in a group

  1. Get together to hold a used a book sale and donate the proceeds to Toybox. £7 raised could provide a street child with the stationery kit they need to attend to school.

  2. Similar to the above, get together to hold a car boot or tabletop sale in your street and donate the proceeds to Toybox. £13 will provide a street chilD a set of clean clothes.

  3. What does your group love to do? Bake? Craft? Why not sell some of your passion projects locally? Pop a post in local Facebook groups or on your village noticeboard to let people know when and where they can get your hands on your creations.

  4. Do you have a skill that others would love to learn? If your group crochets, knits, bakes or sews, why not invite others to come along? You could hold an in-person class or an online one to share your skills and help others to learn something new which they can also enjoy. Raising £50 could help provide a sewing machine for a young person to learn a new trade.

  5. Organise a treasure hunt! Devise a map that will lead participants along a route to treasure, discovering goodies like sweets or stickers along the way. Include clues to make it interesting and puzzles to get the mind whirring. You could charge a small donation for taking part and donate proceeds to Toybox’s work.

Fundraising at work

  1. What about a bake-off? Make it competitive, with award winning categories! You could even have a go at making a Guatemalan 'Borracho' cake!

  2. Why not have a charity sports contest? Team up and take on another local business or multiple businesses with five-a-side football, badminton or walking netball tournament? Teams can take part in a fun competitive activity and give the proceeds of participating to their chosen charity.

  3. Please remember you can invite a guest speaker to join you online or face to face, to share the voices of street children and information about our work with your friends and colleagues.

How to raise awareness of your fundraiser:

  • Share your event on social media
  • Let your friends, family and colleagues know by sending an email or WhatsApp message
  • Create a poster and pop it up in your local community centre, gym or church
  • Create an event on Facebook or EventBrite and invite people to attend

For more ideas and tips for fundraising, visit

If you would like to find out more about how you or your organisation can support street children, whether that’s through a one-off fundraising event, making a regular donation or another amazing idea that you’ve had, please get in touch.

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