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Thank you, our 2024 London Marathon runners!

Updates • Jun 2024

On Sunday 21st April, six amazing #TeamToybox runners went above and beyond to support street children and run the 2024 TCS London Marathon.

We are thrilled and grateful to our runners who not only ran 26.2 miles but made great fundraising efforts and raised more than £9,500 to support Toybox on the journey to change the world for street children.

The TCS London Marathon is the largest marathon in the world. In 2024, the London Marathon has also broken a world record for the biggest one-day fundraising event with more than £67m being raised.

Our 6 runners from across the UK and the USA took on the challenge to run 26.2 miles through London, starting at the Greenwich's Cutty Sark to Buckingham Palace and through Canary Wharf. In the words of Jared – one of our runners, "The experience to run the marathon was great as the people of London came out and supported the runners along the whole journey, from start to finish."

We would like to the share the 2024 London Marathon experience with you and so we are spotlighting a couple of our amazing runners who took on the marathon!


Andy is from London and the 2024 London Marathon was already his 5th London Marathon!

When asked about his experience running for Toybox, Andy said, “The support from Toybox was great. The whole experience was fantastic and the most enjoyable of the five London Marathons that I have run.”

In his words, Andy decided to run for #TeamToybox because when “I went to India and saw some horrible sights. Just typing it makes me well up. I felt helpless, handing out money to those I could help just made me think about those I couldn't. The thought of my own daughter or anyone's child living under the threat of abuse pains my soul.”

Katie & Jackson

Katie and Jackson flew all the way from the United States to run the London Marathon for Toybox.

Right after the run, Katie shared with us her emotions and said, “We had a blast running London!!!”

When we asked Jackson why he decided to run for #TeamToybox, he said, “I support the mission and values of what Toybox is trying to achieve. The world has been hit with many different events that have changed everyone's lives. It is easy to overlook the most vulnerable in those situations and how kids are deeply affected. Supporting the children is our future and gives the opportunity to bring change to those places.”

We are so grateful to this year’s runners and want to thank them again for their dedication and efforts to changing the world for the street children.

If you would like to join #TeamToybox and run the 2025 London Marathon with us, you can apply by filling in the online application form here.

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