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Pray with us this summer

Updates • Aug 2023

This month, we share the latest news and prayer requests from Guatemala, Kenya and India. Please join us as we pray for these unfolding situations, as well as our local partners and the children and families they work alongside.


Guatemalans head to the polls for the second time on August 20th for the presidential run-off. These elections are being closely monitored inside and outside the country and many fear that powerful elites have been and will continue to manipulate the results. The first round results led to a surprising second place for centre-left candidate, Bernando Arevalo of the Movimiento Semilla. However, despite national and international observers stating the elections were free and fair, the results were hotly contested and attempts were made to prevent Arevalo from participating in the second round vote.

Please join us in praying for:

• A peaceful election day on August 20th and the safety and protection of partner staff and the children and familes they support

• Authorities to respect and uphold the election results


Since the General Election in Kenya last summer, there have been several small and larger scale localised protests and riots reported. Recently, the opposition political party leader Raila Odinga rallied his supporters to the streets where there have been clashes with armed police in Nairobi and the western city of Kisumu. Teargas and live ammunition were used against demonstrators who were voicing discontent over tax increases and rising living costs. Protesters threw stones at police, who had mounted a heavy presence in Nairobi after the deaths of at least six demonstrators and more than 300 arrests around the country. Children in street situations and families often get caught up in middle of these protests. The police round up anyone connected with streets and often rioters encourage children and youth to participate in violence. Many also lose their livelihoods through the disruption.

Please join us in praying for:

• The safety and security of children, youth, their families and caregivers

• Amicable political discussions and a resolution to bring about policy changes to control high inflation and contain the current cost-of-living crisis


In July, torrential rain in Northern India led to widespread flooding in several parts of Delhi. Delhi's Chief Minister reported that 15% of the total rainfall of the monsoon season fell in just 12 hours. Over 26,000 people were evacuated from the flood-affected low-lying areas of six districts of Delhi, of which around 21,500 people were staying in temporary relief camps, as well as schools and community centres. Not only has the flooding led to the loss of property and livelihoods, but also disruption in children's education.

As the flood waters recede, please join us in praying for:

• The safety and security of those affected by the flooding, especially as they initiate an assessment of the damage.

• The health of street connected children and their families at this time. Delhi is witnessing a suddden widespread outbreak of conjunctivitus since the heavy rains. In addition, monsoon related water clogging often becomes a breeding ground for disease-causing mosquitoes.

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