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Organise a fashion show

Kamlesh's story

Ten-year-old Kamlesh has an unimaginable life for a child. At 3am, he wakes up and rushes to the cloth market to start work. There, he crouches for the next nine hours, separating different types of rags and pieces of clothing to be sold. At midday, Kamlesh finishes an exhausting morning’s work. Then he picks up his books and goes to school.

Thanks to the help from Toybox’s partner in India, Kamlesh managed to enrol in school and goes for a few hours in the afternoon before returning to work at the cloth market in the evening. Kamlesh works incredibly hard to support himself, but working such long hours really has an effect on his school work which means that he sometimes struggles to keep up with the rest of the class.

“Sharda helps me with my homework after class, so I don’t fall behind the rest. In the future, I want to own my own garment factory.” Kamlesh

Get involved

By organising your own fashion show, you could help children like Kamlesh get one step closer to their dreams, whether that means owning a garment factory or having their own farm. You can sell tickets, have a competition for the craziest outfit or could hold a vote for the best costume. Have a look at our fundraising resources here to see how you could kit your event out and inspire your imagination. Then, all your need to do is practise your Vogue!