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Jacinta's story

Jacinta grew up being sceptical about her future. She lived in a heavily gang-controlled area in a notorious red zone of Guatemala City and was often scared for her safety. However, a few years ago, she was invited to attend a course of baking and cooking workshops run by Toybox’s partner in Guatemala City.

These workshops were a life-saver for Jacinta. They gave her a safe place to spend a few hours of her week, they taught her a lot of new skills and they gave her the confidence that she needed to see she was capable of achieving great things despite where she had come from. All of these benefits have enabled Jacinta to start sharing her produce with others and she often cooks and bakes for other courses that Toybox’s partner runs and sells her cakes in the local community which is allowing her to provide for herself.

Get involved

By holding a cake sale for Toybox, you will help more children like Jacinta to access opportunities that they would never have access to on the streets. You could even take it one step further and host a full-on coffee morning so that all your cakey deliciousness can be enjoyed among friends! Why not even turn it into a Bake Off and vote for the yummiest treat?!