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The Bridge Project


  • Focus: Restoration, Intervention, Prevention
  • Location: Nepal
  • Partner: SathSath

The project’s street outreach workers initially meet and build relationships with small groups of children on the streets in Kathmandu. They tell them about the informal education classes they run which focus on bridging the gap between their current educational standard and school readiness. Life skills are learnt through games and the classes also focus on improving literacy and numeracy. As well as a specific focus on education, the project is also improving the health and wellbeing of street children in the city and will offer individual counselling support sessions.


Over 85% of street children in Nepal are illiterate and more than a third of 10 – 14 year olds undertake some form of employment, which means they are unable to attend school full time. We also know that many street children will completely drop out of school unless they receive some kind of support and encouragement to continue. The Nepali NGO, SathSath reports that many parents of street children in Kathmandu are reluctant to send their children to school because sending them begging on the streets will earn money to supplement family income. Through no fault of their own, these street children are being denied the right to full education, which could open the door to so many more opportunities in the future.


This project aims to address some of the challenges facing street children in Kathmandu while preparing and supporting them to get an education.

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