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Birth registration Guatemala


  • Focus: Prevention
  • Location: Guatemala
  • Partner: Viva Guatemala

One of the major obstacles facing street children in Guatemala is their lack of legal documentation. This project focuses on registering street children and giving them their official identities. With a birth certificate, a street child can access healthcare, education and protection from abuse and exploitation. Support our birth registration projects. In Guatemala we have registered over 3,500 children. Read one family's story.


Children without birth certificates have no official names, birthdays or identities. Whilst many can begin school, without the official documents required by law to sit exams, they cannot advance past first grade. This lack of progress pushes children out onto the streets, with some working to support their families and others pressured into the temptations of gang life in order to survive. Many are simply left to wander the streets alone looking for friendship and purpose. Instead they find crime, violence, brutality and abuse.


This project aims to reduce the number of invisible and unregistered street children in Guatemala, provide education and training within the community and raise awareness on the importance of birth registration.

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