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Toybox Virtual Gift Catalogue Christmas 2021

Updates • Nov 2021

This Christmas you could do something really special

As a friend of Toybox you are only too aware of the challenges street children face on a daily basis. These might be exploitation, the loss of loved ones, being powerless to access medical care and education. What we know at this time of the year is that street children not only face these long-term battles, but they also need the absolute basics to see them through the winter.

The streets are dark, dangerous and cold. But it’s not just the children who sleep on the street that suffer the cruel winter weather, but those living in informal settlements with no heating, running or warm water.

Meaningful Christmas gifts

It has been a really tough couple of years for many of us. We feel it is important to let street children know that they have not been forgotten during the pandemic. A simple but thoughtful gesture of gifting clean clothes or a warm bundle to street children struggling to stay warm this winter will make all the difference in these young lives.

Toybox gifts range from hot drinks and tasty meals to warm winter bundles including blankets, hygiene kits, coats, hats and socks to help protect children on the streets from the cold this Christmas. What’s more, each gift does so much more than simply feed a child or help keep them warm. By distributing these gifts, our frontline workers can get to know children and help them escape the streets for good.

When you have chosen the Toybox gift or gifts you would like to buy, you will be given the option to ‘purchase the gift for someone else’. When you select this option, you can then choose to send either a personalised email or special postcard to the recipient to let them about the life-changing gift you have just purchased on their behalf.

The gift of kindness

The Toybox gift or gifts you purchase this Christmas will make this year one a street child remembers forever. We also think it will mean the world to the person you brought the gift for to know they have helped to change a child’s life.

Find out more about meaningful Christmas gifts to support street children.

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