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Reflections on 2022 and prayers for the year ahead

Updates • Jan 2023

As we enter a new year, Team Toybox share reflections on what they were thankful for in 2022 and their hopes for this year...

“I have been grateful for how our partners engage with us and that the children allow us to tell their stories. I’m also grateful for the loyalty of our supporters and the kindness they show me with their notes and letters. My prayer for 2023 is for a stable government and stable economy, that the impact on Toybox of declining foreign exchange rates is reduced and that our supporters feel then can continue to support street children.” Lynne Morris, CEO
“I’m really thankful for all that we heard from our partners about the lives that are being changed. My prayer for this is that children may have the opportunity and the courage to speak out about their rights.” Jenny Baker, Income and Database Administrator
“I am so thankful for the easing of covid restrictions in the UK and across the world that has allowed us to get back to working together in the office and travelling to visit our partners abroad again. My hope for this year is that we continue to receive great support from donors to allow us to further the work with street children and improve the situations of many more children.” Carol Mayne, Finance Assistant
“I am so thankful for the kindness and generous spirits of our supporters. My hope for this year is that we have the opportunity to continue to change the world for children in street situations.” Naomi Lewis, Director of Marketing and Fundraising
“I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet project participants and partner staff face to face and seeing first-hand the difference our projects are making. My prayer for this year is for the health and safety of partner staff as they work tirelessly to promote the rights of children and families in street situations.” Roz Elliott, Programme Manager, Latin America

As a team we are all so grateful for the kindness, encouragement, prayers and donations we receive from supporters like you. Thank you!

Watch a short message of thanks from some of the children at our projects as well as Team Toybox

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