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Pray with us this December

Updates • Dec 2023

Toybox CEO Lynne Morris recently featured on UCB Radio, where she shared a series of prayer requests with the station's listeners over five days. We are so thankful to everyone who tuned in and joined us in praying for our work with street children across the world. If you missed Lynne's daily slot, it's not too late to get involved. Read on to discover her five prayer requests for December.

Day one

The prayer request for today is Guatemala - President Elect Bernado Arevalo is due to be sworn in on 14 January, following a landslide victory in August. Since then, Arevalo and his party Semilla, has been subject to a series of attacks seeking to undermine the party and prevent them from forming the next government. As you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee tonight, please pray for a peaceful transition to power and that Guatemalan authorities seek to uphold the rule of law.

Day two

The prayer request today is for street children – the UN estimates there are hundreds of millions of street children; children who have no home to go to tonight, no bed to climb in, no duvet or covers to pull over their little bodies. We lift these children, each and every one, to the Lord’s care. Please pray for an improvement in these children’s lives, that today somebody brings new hope and opportunity. We pray that each child is valued and treated with dignity and respect. As you get into a safe bed tonight, please pray for the street children Toybox works with.

Day three

The prayer request for today is Bolivia – violence within the home is a major factor which pushes children onto the streets, In Bolivia in 2021 there were 34,893 reported cases of violence against children, this equates to 95 cases a day. Please pray for an end to violence against women and children, and pray that peace and balance is restored to family homes. Tonight, as you make dinner please pray for the children in Bolivia who have made the streets their home to avoid violence.

Day four

The prayer request for today is for Toybox – the word of Job is our calling ‘So the poor have hope and injustice shuts its mouth.’ Please pray that Toybox can stand her ground with the belt of truth around our waist, the breastplate of righteousness in place, grounded in the gospel of peace. Please pray for Team Toybox during this very busy period and please pray for our wonderful partners all over the world who courageously and sacrificially walk alongside street children each day and night. Give us determination, give us courage, give us a serving heart and all the energy needed to keep going.

Day five

The prayer request for today is birth certificates – Toybox recently reached a joyful milestone, we have helped 10,000 children get their birth certificates, 10,000 children that is twice the number of people who attended Wimbledon last year! These children now have access to school and healthcare with the opportunity to get a good job, get married and even travel. Please give thanks for these 10,000 children and pray they have life in all its fullness. And please also pray for Toybox that we can press on a register another 10,000 or even more children.

Toybox produces a quarterly prayer guide. You can download your copy, or if you would like to automatically receive the prayer guide straight to your inbox each quarter, please fill in the form on the page here.

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