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Child Ambassador

A unique way to support street children

How does it work?

The Child Ambassador programme is all about giving street connected children the opportunity to represent their peer group within their wider community while learning essential life skills. Every Child Ambassador is elected by their peers to represent their project. On average they will take on the ambassadorial role for their project for around 18 months to two years. At this point the children within the project will meet to hold an election to vote in a new Child Ambassador.

When the Child Ambassador has completed their time in the role, or similarly if they move on from the project, we will always keep you informed. We will then link you with another Child Ambassador where the need is greatest.

Your support of street children, through the Child Ambassador programme is helping Toybox to respond to street connected children where the need is greatest.

Supporting our Child Ambassador Programme

One child

You will be linked to one child


You can write to your Child Ambassador or to the project so more children will be able to enjoy hearing your news

Annual update

You will receive an annual update including photos of the Child Ambassador you are linked to


You will also receive our supporter magazine three times a year