The Christmas story as it has never been told before.
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Our FREE Midnight Star resource provides a dazzling array of activities to enjoy with family, children and churches.

For a frostily festive follow-up why not try our StarGazer Fundraiser. Whether your star-gazing is real or virtual, outdoors or in, it matters not, enjoy the sky we share and light up the darkness for street children.

Help Toybox Help Children

Imagine the entire child population of the United Kingdom being thrown onto the streets. That would mean dumping every baby, child and teen without a backward glance.

There would be unprecedented global outrage at such a monstrous act of neglect... Yet the scale of the problem would be negligible compared to the hundreds of millions of street children around the world who suffer, without even one person to stand up for them.

Please help Toybox to stand up for street children.

By using our Midnight Star resource you can:


One person parties

Story Experience

The Christmas story as it has never been told before

All age parties

Day Of Celebration

An all-age group session for churches, young people and children’s groups

Children's parties

Week Of Promises

Print-and-keep handout with 7 days of Christmas reflections, crafts, and treats. For churches and families

Congregation Session

StarGazer Fundraiser

Count the stars and illuminate a child’s life this Christmas


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