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Give a street child a new start this Easter. When you buy a box containing a street child’s basic needs you can start the work to turn their life around.

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It is often the simplest gifts that set street children on their road to recovery. A box of the essential items can make an immediate and truly life-changing difference to a vulnerable child’s future.

And it’s not just a short term solution. Your gift allows our team to begin building a trusting relationship. As this relationship strengthens, our work to get the child away from the streets can begin in earnest.

Give a food box to help reach a child and keep them well nourished

A child who lives on the streets might not eat properly for days. They can suffer from malnutrition and experience terrible hunger-pains. But if you buy a food box this Easter – which is a box containing nonperishable items like rice, beans, sugar, oils, noodles and hot chocolate – you can help give children the nourishment they need to stay healthy. Providing food also helps us build the relationship needed to help a child to get off the streets for good.

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Clothes box

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Give a clothes box to help reach a child and keep them warm

Many street children have just one set of clothes to wear every day. This is unhealthy and can lead to them being picked on, as people view them as dirty. But if you buy a clothes box this Easter – which is a box containing a coat, woollen hat, socks, and jumper – you’ll help keep a child warm and boost their self-esteem. Providing clothes also gives us a chance to talk to children about what else they need to leave the streets behind.

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Medical box

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Give a medical box to help reach a child and keep them healthy

Life on the streets is dangerous for children and injuries are common. But without medical help, their wounds can be left untreated. When you buy a medical box– which is a box containing items including bandages, dressings, plasters, wipes and ointments – you can help our frontline teams tend to a child’s injuries immediately. Giving medical aid also shows children that we are here to help them, which builds the trust we need to help with their other issues.

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Hygiene box

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Give a hygiene box to help reach a child and keep them clean

Boys and girls living on city streets without access to basic sanitation are exposed to a host of dangerous illness, including Covid. But when you buy a hygiene box this Easter – which is a box containing items like soap, toothpaste, sanitiser, and a period pack for girls – you can help them stay as clean and healthy as possible. Providing these items also shows young people that there are adults who care about them and can help them over the long-term.

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Give a play box to help reach a child and keep them interested

Every day on the streets is a struggle for a child. There are few opportunities for them to play or simply be children. When you buy a play box – which is a box containing a skipping rope, ball, puzzle, book and playing bricks – you give a child the opportunity to have fun, which is crucial to their mental health. Providing items for play also keeps children interested and engaged, so they are more likely to come back to our projects and receive much-needed support.

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Complete package

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Give a complete package to help reach more children and meet their many needs

This Easter, you also have the option of buying all five packages for children in one complete package. When you do this, you will provide food, medicine, clothes, toys and hygiene kits to meet even more children’s needs in the communities where we work. The more items we can support our partners with, the more children our teams can reach, and the more young lives we can protect from the dangers of street living.

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