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The XXX children are not recognised by the official statistics and are therefore not protected by the state. This means they can be used, neglected and abused by gangs and criminals. They are at risk of being trafficked or forced into slavery. Or they can simply disappear, and no one would ever know.

  • see a doctor when they are ill
  • sit an exam, or advance at school
  • be allowed to get a job
  • earn an income
  • get married
  • be buried in an official cemetary

No matter how they try, they will always be on the outside of society.

  • We need a small ID card from the midwife who delivered the child – searching for the midwife takes time and money, and the card itself is only available for a fee
  • We need to find two witnesses, who must be non-family members – which means we must pay transport costs and subsidise their wages for that day
  • We need to pay a fine – a legal technicality, as the child was not registered within the first 60 days of their life
  • We need to pay a tax of up to £12 for the registration process

On average, we estimate it costs upwards of £32 to register a child. In a country where many people live on less than £1 a day it is obvious why so few street children ever expect to get one.

Desmond Tutu

Birth certificate

Birth certificate

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