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Open Information Policy

Want to know the nuts and bolts of how Toybox works? Need to know Toybox’s policy on Child Protection? Interested in how we choose and evaluate the work of our partners? Find out all you need, plus all you want to know about Toybox in our open information policy.

We believe the people and organisations with whose support we rely on have the right to know and understand how Toybox works and makes its decisions. We want all those who generously support Toybox and make our work to change the lives of street children a possibility, to know how effective we are and the impact we are having. We also share this information with those we seek to serve across the world through our work, as well as our international partners.

Toybox is committed to being transparent in all aspects of its work as well as remaining accountable to all key stakeholders, in particular to the street children and their families. We encourage our partners to make information available to those communities within which they work.

The ultimate foundations of Toybox’s Open Information Policy is that being transparent is best practice, not only for Toybox as we strive to improve and increase our impact but also for all of those people interested to know more about us.

However there are certain types of information that we will not disclose because they are confidential. For example:

  • The names and contact details of our donors, supporters, beneficiaries, partners and staff - Legal matters or issues under negotiation
  • Information which is concerned entirely with internal operations and administration
  • Information which would compromise our ability to fundraise
  • Details which could threaten the children and families we work with or our partners’ staff or Toybox’s staff

We are also very keen to keep an eye on the use of our resources and ensure we are working within our capacity to respond to requests. Therefore we retain the right to decide how much or how little we are able to say in responding to enquiries. That said, please do let us know what you are interested to hear. Below you will find the full list of information available to you, either by downloading from the website or by requesting by emailing: [email protected]

Toybox: The Basics

Information Location
Our objects and value Website
About us: who we are and what we do Website
Organisational structure On request
Toybox timeline: Our history On request
Partner selection process On request
Contacting Toybox Website


Information Location
Our Trustees Website
Our Leadership Team Website
Our Auditors, bank and regulators (annual report) Website

Organisational policies

Information Location
Toybox and the Fundraising Regulator Website
Toybox Customer Feedback Policy Website
Toybox Donation Policy Website
Toybox Privacy Policy for Supporters Website
Toybox Anti-Bribery Policy Website
Toybox Child Protection Policy Website
Toybox Data Protection Policy On request
Toybox Health and Safety Policy On request
Toybox Ethical Fundraising and Partnering Policy On request
Toybox Reserves Policy On request
Toybox Equal Opportunities Policy On request
Toybox Care for the Environment Policy On request

Finances and performance

Information Location
Annual Report and Audited Accounts Website
Major institutional donors Website

Coalitions and affiliations Toybox belongs to

Information Location
Member organisations Website