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How We Tell Childrens' Stories

Toybox knows how important it is for you to hear the stories of the children that you have helped – as well as those who are still living in danger, fear and poverty.

We know that it takes a great deal of courage for these children to share their stories with us and they trust us to tell them truthfully and sensitively.

This is our promise to you and the children we work with:

Before we share a child’s story we will ensure that we receive full and informed consent from them. Part of this consent will be ensuring that they understand how we might share it and who we will share it with. In a situation where a child is unable to give their own consent then this will be obtained from their parent or main care giver.

  • We will always tell a child’s story truthfully, without exaggeration or embellishment.
  • We will only hold a child’s story for re-telling for a limited period. If we wish to use it after this time, permission will be re-sought.
  • When we are telling a child’s story we will change the name we use, in order to protect their identity.
  • We will not publish any information that could make a child’s location identifiable either from their story or any accompanying images.
  • Where a child’s experience is such that using their image would make them more vulnerable, other, more abstract imagery will be used.