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Meet Me in the Street Sponsored Sleep Out

Samidoh’s story

Samidoh didn’t expect to end up on the streets at 9 years old, but when his mother left his abusive father and returned to her rural village, Samidoh had no other option. Feeling hopeless and in constant fear of experiencing violence and abuse, Samidoh did what he could to earn money to feed himself and survive.

Samidoh next to the shelter where he sleeps

“Being on the street is hard and it’s sad when we’re beaten by the community, when one of us dies or when there are no plastics or jobs to do. People always see us as criminals and often attack us – sometimes we’re seriously hurt. Once, three of my friends were beaten so badly that they had broken limbs and once, community members even burned our shelter. When someone dies, you feel sad because they were your friends. When there are no plastics, you can’t make money and so you can’t buy food.”

Fortunately, Samidoh was approached by a social worker from Pendekezo Letu (PKL), Toybox’s partner in Kenya, and was invited to take part in vocational training courses where he has since learned about child rights and life skills. Samidoh now receives clothing and food and is mentored by those who were once like him – street children who have turned their lives around. This has been an incredible encouragement to Samidoh to never give up hope.

Samidoh has a hopeful future after receiving support from PKL

“My life has changed since attending PKL’s activities because I’ve improved my personal hygiene and I feel confident speaking in front of others now. I have hope for my future and want to enrol in a welding course so I can be self-employed and start my own family. I love seeing the final product when you do welding.”

Get involved

By taking part in Meet Me in the Street Sponsored Sleep Out, you can help children like Samidoh look forward to a happier, safer and more hopeful future.

You will feel connected to the street children you support by signing up to our fundraising event Meet Me in the Street and sleep out under the stars. We’re asking you - as an individual or with your family - to sleep out for one night in your garden, safe outside space, your spare room or a community hall or church building (with permission!), to get a sense of what it might be like for street children who sleep out on the streets every night. Why not choose a day this summer to get involved when the evenings are lighter and it's a bit warmer?!

Street children don’t plan for a life on the streets, but often it’s their last resort to escape abuse and neglect at home, or simply because they have nowhere else to go. You can help change this. By encouraging your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to sponsor you to sleep out for the night, your fundraising could help ensure a street child doesn't have to. Every amount - great or small - will truly make a difference to children who are forced to call the streets their home by supporting them on their journey away from the streets.

We’ve got lots of resources lined up to support you in preparing for your sleep out, including a kit list, some recipes to energise you along the way and a specially-curated playlist to keep you company as you settle down for the night.

Want to be part of turning lives around for some of the world’s most vulnerable children? Please take action today by signing up using the online form below. We only need a little information about you so we can keep in touch and help ensure you have everything you need to make your sleep out a success.

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