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Toybox Christmas Appeal 2023

A gift they've
waited for
since birth

Give a birth certificate today

As we count down to Christmas

Millions of street children are waiting for their birth certificate. Without it, they can't start their life. All doors to education, healthcare, employment and rights are closed to them. A gift of a birth certificate could open these doors.


Banned from sitting exams at school

With your gift

Allowed to go to school and sit exams


Forbidden from seeing a doctor when ill

With your gift

Access to a doctor when sick or injured


No hope of a job OR a way off the streets

With your gift

A chance for formal employment, and a way off the streets


Targeted for exploitation and abuse

With your gift

Protected by law, safe from abuse by criminals


Seen as an outcast, with no proof they exist

With your gift

Treated as a human being and welcomed into society

“Now I have been accepted at school, I want to work hard to become a police officer.”

Mahesh, Nepal

“I am very happy that I have my birth certificate. I can now go to school and follow my dreams.”

Samuel, El Salvador

“My identification documents will open the doors to the best opportunities in life.”

Alana, Bolivia

Buy a life-changing gift for a street child And open the door to their future

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