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Gabriella’s name means 'God is my strength'. But now it’s on her birth certificate, it means even more than that...

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Pedro’s name means 'stone or rock'.

On his birth certificate it means...

  • he is protected from the criminals, gangs and abusers who seek to exploit his status as an unregistered child.
  • he can stay safe from the horror and harm that surrounds him and other street children as he grows up.

Karina’s name means 'pure'.

On her birth certificate it means...

  • she can go to school and sit her exams
  • she has a real chance to make something of herself
  • she can look forward to a life where she’s no longer held back from her dreams by a lack of education.

Rubén’s name means 'behold, a son'.

On his birth certificate it means...

  • he can get his vaccinations and visit a doctor whenever he is poorly
  • his right to health will be safeguarded for the rest of his life.

XXX means 'a child with no birth certificate'.

A child without a birth certificate has no legal name. Even the name given by their parents is not recognised by the state. They are known simply as ‘XXX’ children.

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