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The story of the invisible girl

How you can make sure she’s seen and heard in a world that doesn’t even know she exists.

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The invisible girl lives on every street

She’s every girl without a birth certificate. In the eyes of the law she doesn’t exist and has no rights to protect her.


From Guatemala to Bolivia to El Salvador

The invisible girl is everywhere, but nowhere. There’s no record of her, so she doesn’t exist. But she’s still there. Living on the streets and in constant danger. At risk of being exploited at every turn. That’s why Toybox needs your help this Christmas – to give a girl (or boy) in Latin America the birth certificate they need and a future filled with hope.

In Guatemala

it’s estimated that 700,000 children are living without a birth certificate.*1

In Bolivia

290,000 children under 5 aren’t registered – the lowest level in all of Latin America.*2

In El Salvador

52% of children aged 2-14 will have experienced some form of violence in the past month.*3

*1 *2 *3 - Unicef

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No one sees her

She may be invisible to society, but she’s all too visible to some people – the predatory adults who barely recognise her as a human being.


Apart from those looking to abuse and exploit her

She’s attractive because she doesn’t exist. So who will notice, or care, if she goes missing? It’s all too easy to traffick her, sell her into slavery or sexually abuse her. Like 10 year old Yessica. A neighbour said she was taking her to the park. But it was a trick. She was pushed to the ground, her mouth taped up and she was taken to a brothel in Guatemala City. She was forced into prostitution and fell pregnant. The client tried to force her to sell her baby and beat her when she refused.

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Will you buy her a birth certificate?

A birth certificate makes an invisible child visible... and that makes a world of difference.


So she can be seen and heard

With a birth certificate she’ll have a legal identity and will no longer be powerless and vulnerable. She can go to school, sit exams and have a real chance to make something of her life. And when she’s poorly, she can get the medical care she desperately needs. She can even look forward to getting married one day if she wants. Remember Yessica? When she had her baby she couldn’t go to hospital because she didn’t have any identity documents, which also meant she couldn’t register her child.

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Just ask Beatriz, Keren and Flor


Restoring lives and building futures…

These girls are living proof that, together, we can make a very big difference. None of them had birth certificates, none of them had a future – all were at risk from horrific abuse.

Beatriz, 11

My birth certificate allowed me to register at school and now I can get a government scholarship.

Keren, 13

Thanks to my documents, I can do anything I want, but the best thing is that I can study.

Flor, 7

I got to choose my birthday and it’s tomorrow because I can’t wait any longer to celebrate.

Make sure she's seen and heard

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