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Gang violence

Gang violence is currently out of control on the streets of Guatemala and El Salvador.

Gang violence is not new. But economic hardship following the pandemic has given gangs new opportunities to tighten their grip on the most vulnerable communities. And many of the children we work with everyday – children we know by name – are now at risk of being abducted and forced into a life of violence. This would undo all of our good work.

We need your help to protect vulnerable children from the lethal influence of gang violence.

Violent tactics

Right now violent tactics are being used to recruit street children

Joining a street gang is not a decision any child would choose to make. Many young people join gangs because they are threatened with violence if they refuse. They do what they are told or else they or their family suffer horrific consequences.

Protect a child today

In gang-controlled areas, parents are as powerless as their children. Once a child has been targeted for recruitment, there is very little a parent can do to stop them. And those without parents are even more vulnerable.

Protect a child today

Many street children are not registered at birth. Their governments do not recognise them as citizens or accept responsibility for them. The sad fact is that if people like our partners don’t protect street children from gangs, nobody else will.

Protect a child today

Street gangs are male dominated. But they pose as much, if not more, of a threat to young girls. Many suffer the trauma of being sexually assaulted or coerced into violent relationships. Their rights are not respected and femicide rates are shockingly high.

Protect a child today

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