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Street chidlren are hiding from The police.
The traffickers.
The exploiters.

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In Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, it's illegal for children to live on the streets

Traffickers, abusers, and even the police try to round them up.

Alone and terrified, these innocent youngsters hide precariously in trees or desperately seek the relative safety of Kathmandu's temples.

With a birth certificate they can come out of hiding.

Birth registration is compulsory to become a citizen of Nepal but 48% of the children in the country don't have their birth certificate.

A birth certificate means a girl like Kala can go to school and have a real future.

The children that need us most are in hiding

  • First we must find them.
  • Then we must find their parents or register them as a 'legal orphan'.
  • Then we must accompany the child back to the place where they were born.
  • Finally, we support their application and pay for their birth certificate.


Each birth certificate costs £36

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