However dark their life is, we believe that every child has the potential to shine

This Easter, you can bring light to the street children of Sierra Leone.

Through Education

Mariatu was just 13 when Ebola killed her parents, forcing her to flee to Freetown. With nowhere to go, she was easy prey for one of the pimps in the area. After giving her shelter, she demanded she 'pay her dues' by selling herself.

Mariatu dreams of going to school, but is too tired from her 'work' and cannot afford a uniform or school materials. Your donation could help fund her through her education.

Through Training

Adama is 15 and also lost her parents to Ebola. The only place she has found to live is Susan's Bay - a community notorious for street children, drug pushers and sex workers. Her pimp beats her every day.

You could help Adama escape by supporting the training she needs to start her own business - something that could also benefit her community.

Through Counselling

Sometimes the darkness is within. These young girls are not physically or mentally equipped to cope with the relentless abuse they suffer on the streets. No one would be. Men see them as less than human - to be used and discarded - and the girls start to believe it themselves.

Your donation could fund counselling and psycho-social support to help traumatised girls deal with the stigma of their ill-treatment.