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10-year-old Nalini scarcely went to school. She has dyslexia and kept getting her words wrong in class. Her teacher scolded her. Her classmates made fun of her. Feeling alone and useless, this little girl dropped out of school completely and into a life of unimaginable danger.

“When I found Nalini, she was severely malnourished and picking up nails by the railway tracks. Children can make a few rupees by collecting nails and wood shavings from the nearby factory. But trains thunder by just inches from where they’re crouched on the ground.” Geeta, a street educator

Geeta was determined to rescue Nalini from this horror. She worked hard to enrol her in a new school, convincing the teachers that Nalini was ready and eager to learn. She helped Nalini with her homework and accompanied her to class every day, making sure this little girl didn’t drop out of school again.

Get involved

You can help children like Nalini to have access to learning. Hold a quiz for Toybox and test the knowledge of your colleagues, friends or family.

Although you might be hosting a virtual event, similar rules apply to those of a live event.

STEP 1: Decide how you would like to host your event. You could try Zoom or Facebook Watch party.

STEP 2: Choose the date and time.

STEP 3: Decide how you would like people to book. Email/text?

STEP 4: Decide how you will you collect donations Facebook fundraiser or a Just Giving page will take payments and only take 5 minutes to set up.

STEP 5: Invite participants. You could share your event on Facebook, text and email your friends, post it on Twitter and Instagram, add it to your local community What’s On guide and ask your friends and colleagues to share.

STEP 5: Make sure you have your questions (and secret answers) ready and have issued the rules! No mobile phones! No Googling! Have a great time as quiz master. You could take some screenshots as you are doing the quiz to send out afterwards for fun!

If you need some more guidance on using Zoom, a free to use video conferencing tool, take a look here. Other Video conferencing tools are available including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger Rooms is coming soon.

TIP: There lots of quiz questions available online, here is one source we found.

If you are quite digitally minded you could even use Google Forms to create your own quiz, this means your quizzers are submitting their answers online directly to you, instead of counting up their own scores!