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Amir's Story

Amir is 11 years old. Originally from the North Eastern region of Bihar in India, he and his family moved to Delhi four years ago. Lack of work in their rural community meant Amir’s parents struggled to support the family and were left with little choice but to move to the city. Back in Bihar, Amir attended a government school but since moving to Delhi, where the family lives in a crowded slum, he has been unable to enrol in school. Despite his parents’ best efforts, his lack of official identity and a bank account meant that continuing his education was impossible. And so, instead of learning in a classroom, Amir spent his days working to cut loose threads from clothes in a dingy workshop with his little sister.

It was during work one day, however, that Amir came to learn of CHETNA, Toybox’s partner organisation in India, and their work to help children like him to enrol in school and have access to informal education for free. He was desperate to start learning again and with his mother’s permission, he joined the project and started attending the Education Clubs regularly.

“I am so happy since I started coming to this project. I pay a lot of attention to my studies and now speak with confidence to everyone. I love encouraging the rest of the children to study at the education club — I feel very happy when I help others and when I see children playing and studying instead of working.”

Get involved

Use your fitness skills to help children like Amir have the opportunity to play and to learn, to have fun and enjoy their childhood. If you have a passion for fitness which you love to share with others, whether you are a yoga instructor or home fitness fan, share your enthusiasm and energy with others and host your own online fitness class.

Set up a Just Giving page following the instructions below (call us if you need any help). This page will allow your supporters to donate straight to Toybox without you managing any of the money. You can also share all of the details of your event and post updates. It creates a page you can easily share with friends, family and colleagues to join your event!

Although you might be hosting a virtual event, similar rules apply to those of a live event.

STEP 1: Decide how you would like to host your virtual fitness event, maybe a Zoom video call?

STEP 2: Choose the date and time.

STEP 3: Decide how would you like people to book. Email/text?

STEP 4: Decide how will you collect donations Facebook fundraiser or a Just Giving page will take payments and take 5 minutes to set up.

STEP 5: Invite participants: You could share your event on Facebook, text and email your friends, post it on Twitter and Instagram, add to your local community What’s On guide and ask your friends and colleagues to share.

STEP 6: Enjoy yourself helping others to keep fit and fundraise at the same time!

How to set up a Just Giving Page

STEP 1: Go to our Toybox Just Giving Page.

STEP 2: Choose ‘Fundraise for us’ and login. You can set up a login or login via Facebook.

STEP 3: Fill in the details of what you’re up to and share the link to the page with friends and family.