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Yessica's story

Yessica was born in Honduras. When she was 10, a neighbour offered to take her to the park. She didn’t take Yessica to the park. Instead, she was kidnapped and trafficked across the border to Guatemala City where she was held in a room with her hands tied together and tape over her mouth. After a couple of days, Yessica was taken to a brothel where her job was to clean the bathrooms and wash clothes. She did this for five years, and as hard as it was, it was better than what was to come.

When she turned 15, Yessica was forced to become a prostitute at the brothel and soon fell pregnant. The father promised to help and he took her away from Guatemala City to look after her. However, when Yessica was 8 months pregnant, the man told her that when the baby was born, it would be sold to a couple who couldn’t have children. Unsurprisingly, Yessica objected, but was savagely beaten for trying to protect her unborn child.

However, Yessica was not defeated and one day when the man was out, she escaped and ran for her life. She found her way to a different town where she gave birth to her baby girl, Lorena. Fortunately, Yessica and Lorena are now living in a much safer environment and both have their official documents which will give them a better chance of staying safe and visible if they ever get into dangerous situations again.

Get involved

By running the Virgin Money London Marathon for Toybox, you can help our partners meet more children and young people like Yessica and Lorena who have had no other option but to run away from danger, violence and fear. Apply for your charity place now or create your fundraising page if you have your own ballot place and want to change the world for street children. Alternatively, if running 26.2 miles isn’t quite your thing, there are lots of other events that you can sign up to, to raise money for Toybox on your own. For these events, there is no fundraising target so you can raise as much as you like, but we will send you a Team Toybox vest for you to wear through your training and can send you any information you need to tell others about the cause.