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Angela's story

Angela hasn’t always lived in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. She grew up in a rural village in Kenya and before she was very old, she had been exposed to all kinds of sadness, starting with the death of her mother, the remarriage of her father, his death and the subsequent abuse from her new step-mother. At just 12 years old, Angel began her journey away from home; she knew she could not survive under her step-mother’s ill treatment. She searched for work on sugarcane plantations but she had little luck, so Angela got married when she was 15. She quickly fell pregnant at which point her husband left her, but not before she contracted HIV/AIDS through him.

When she moved to Kibera, Angela relied heavily on her aunt who hosted her and her baby. She sold roast maize to try and support herself and the baby but it was not enough. During this time, she got pregnant again and entered into a second marriage; her alcoholic husband was abusive. Her first daughter was neglected and even failed to enrol into school. Angela eventually left the marriage and it was at this point that Toybox’s partner in Nairobi met Angela.

They enrolled her into an economic empowerment program and she started a course in tailoring and dress making which she loves. Angela’s dream is to have her own tailoring shop in the future so that she can provide for her children, give them a good life and help them acquire an education.

“I didn’t go to school; I lived without shoes and a good dress till I was 14. I and my children can now wear shoes, put on a good shoe and dress. My life has completely changed.” Angela

Get involved

By getting crafty and selling your creations, you can give more children like Angela the opportunity to learn new skills that will help them to escape the streets. Have a look at our craft sale resources here to let people know about your event and give us a call to let us know what you’re planning!