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Flor's story

On the morning of 17 March 2017, Flor didn’t exist. She wasn’t even called Flor. She was called Santos, which is an unusual name for two reasons; firstly, it’s normally a surname and secondly, if it is a first name, it normally belongs to a boy. Santos thought she was two years old and had never celebrated her birthday. However, on this same morning, she took a bus journey that would change her life forever. She attended a mass registration day in a rural Guatemalan town which Toybox’s partners had organised. It was a hot Guatemalan summer’s day and the queue was 50 families long, but Santos waited.

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, her life changed. She had received her birth certificate. She had chosen a new name, Flor, and had even been allowed to choose her birthday… for 18 March, the day after!

“I got to choose my birthday and it’s tomorrow! I’m going to have a party and invite all my friends over and we’re going to eat cake and play games. And, best of all, I’m going to get a birthday dress!” Flor

Get involved

By asking for donations instead of presents for your birthday, you can help more children like Flor get their birth certificates and have something to celebrate every year on their birthday.

If you’re planning a big celebration for your birthday and want to include Toybox in some of your party theme too, why not download some bunting, some Toybox cake labels or posters to explain how the donations that people give will help? Oh, and most importantly, Happy Birthday!