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Chop your locks

Haircuts… Some of us love the pampering, some of us just see them as a necessity. Either way, it is often something that we very much take for granted as something that happens as part of life.

However, on the streets of Guatemala City, a simple haircut can bridge the gap between street children and our amazing outreach workers. Every month, our partner in Guatemala heads to the streets, armed with their combs and scissors to offer haircuts and other general hygiene activities to street children.

For the team, the haircut gives a chance to catch up with the children, hear about the challenges they are facing and talk through options with them. For children like Dilan however, the haircut means even more. It shows them that they matter, that someone cares for them in a world that so often shuns them.

Get involved

If you decide to raise money for Toybox by chopping off those locks, your donations could support our street outreach work for children like Dilan, who often don’t have time to think about things like haircuts and looking after themselves. Not only does this monthly pamper session help the children to feel cared for, but it also gives our partners an invaluable opportunity to get to know them and build a relationship with them. Chop those locks and change the world for street children by setting up an online fundraising page today and download the resources to make the event even more fun!