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Carolina and Malcolm's story

Carolina is 17. Malcolm is 18. For both of these teenagers, the streets had seemed like a safer option for them than the abusive home lives they left behind. When Toybox’s partner in El Salvador first met them, 10 years of living on the streets was taking its toll. Like many street children around the world, both of them had succumbed to the lure of drugs and were consuming approximately three bottles of glue per day – each. They were surviving with a group of about 15 other children and had a makeshift home under a motorway flyover on the violence and treacherous streets of San Salvador.

However, they’ve now been receiving support for a few years from Toybox’s partner and only consume one bottle of glue between them every day and a half – an incredible change in such a relatively short space of time.

Now they are consuming less glue, Carolina and Malcolm are also able to work, albeit still on the streets. Malcolm sells sweets and Carolina cleans windscreens at traffic lights. This work earns them $20 per day, $6 of which goes towards the rent on a room for the night time. This room is a space of their own, away from the night terrors of the streets. Somewhere they can be together as they plan their new life which they’re really excited about as they hope to get married and start a family together away from the streets

““We’re just finding that we don’t really need glue anymore, it doesn’t interest us like it did.” ” Carolina

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Carolina and Malcolm have so much to look forward to with their new life ahead of them. By swapping your traditional wedding list for donations to Toybox, you can help this young couple and other children like them as you celebrate the beginning of your life as a married couple. Create your wedding fundraising page and get started!