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Siblings birth registration

Fernanda and her partner have eight children. However, only one of their children had been registered. When the couple broke-up and separated, the children’s father moved out and decided that he didn’t want any record of his name linked with his children. He burnt the one and only birth certificate the children had between them.

Fernanda was very worried because she didn’t know how to register her other children. She was scared to investigate for fear that the authorities would take her children away from her. Her three eldest children soon reached school age but were unable to attend because they didn’t have their birth certificates. The family’s case was made more complicated as Fernanda had also misplaced the children’s original birth reports and without them it was impossible to register them.

Fernanda’s children got really angry with their mother because they didn’t have their birth certificates – so much so that some of them went to see their father for help. However, he refused and turned them away. Fernanda became depressed by her family situation and she felt alone and that she had no support.

Fortunately, the midwife who was present at all of Fernanda’s births told her of a local organisation funded by Toybox who could help her. The four youngest siblings were recently registered and the eldest three will be registered soon. Javier, Rosa, Jorge and Dominque started school in January and have said they all want to catch up with their studies as quickly as possible.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the children.