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Stepping up for street children

Updates • Jun 2020

Toybox super supporter

Toybox supporter Chris Wood, aged 46, from Weston-super-Mare, has turned the recent lockdown into an opportunity to do something positive, and is stepping up this month, in a bid to help raise vital funds for children’s charity, Toybox.

Chris, and his wife Josie, are isolating during the Coronavirus pandemic as they are both registered blind, but Chris has decided to run on the spot in his garden to hit a target of 50,000 steps to help raise awareness and encourage much needed donations for Toybox, which works hard to help children living and working on the city streets across the globe.

Step fitness challenge

Chris comments: “We have chosen to fundraise for Toybox as our hearts go out to helping children who are in need. Street children who have no safe place to go during this crisis, are some of the most vulnerable.

“Every penny donated will help Toybox provide much needed emergency care for children living and working on the streets, and will also help the charity to support these children not just today, but tomorrow, the next day and for the many difficult weeks to come.

“Please join me, as I aim to reach 50,000 steps and Step up for Street Children! Thank you.”

Thank you Chris

Emilie Hunter, Individual Giving Manager at Toybox, comments: “It’s so inspiring to have the support of people like Chris, who are making the most of the current situation and adapting it to find the positives and do something that will make such a big impact on the lives of others.

“To give some context, a donation of £11 will buy a street child a personal hygiene kit to help them stay clean, healthy and protected from disease, £16 will buy an emergency food package for a street child to help build their strength and keep them healthy and £32 will register a street child with a life-changing piece of paper - their birth certificate - which will enable them to access vital emergency government support and services like healthcare.

“For the children that we work with across the globe, every penny really does make such a difference and is appreciated so, so much.”

To keep up to date with Chris' progress and offer your support, encouragement, and donate, click here.

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